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Community Mosaic for the 750th Town Anniversary

  • Market Square, Stavenhagen, Germany Stavenhagen Germany (map)

In the summer of 2014 Stavenhagen celebrated its 750th town anniversary. This art project was therefore dedicated to the town history. The community created a mosaic with broken and self-made tiles on its marketplace.

Project name:
Mosaic for the 750th town anniversary

Project goals:

  • Provide information of the town's history
  • Beautification of the market square
  • Increase the quality of life in Downtown
  • Foster creative skills of participants

Partner organization:
Town of Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Leading artists:

  • Bianca Nandzik
  • Wesley Horn

Project manager of the partner organization:
David Schacht, Manager of the Building Department

Project participants:
Cindy Kunitz, Tom Kunitz, Marita Kunitz, Anja Heßler, Luca Heßler, Ralf Strempel, Peggy Nikelski, David Schacht, Marianne Richter, Amelie Richter, Dieter Kunitz, Karla Rentsch

Wall Size:
50 sqft, exterior wall at the market square

Via fundraising managed by CULTIVATIVE