Learn SteamHead's Design Teaching Process

This in-depth video lecture explains how SteamHead teaches the creative design process to their MakeFashion Edu students, and we hope it can inform and inspire the educators in your community. This is a great example of how to get art back into the classroom because it speaks to the critics who doubt the educational value of art programs. By having this framework, built on Stanford d.school’s model, teachers and advocates can better explain the values of creative work to administrators and other stakeholders. As design thinking and making projects are important skills in almost any field.

James from SteamHead explains how they walk each student through six steps of the design thinking process: Empathy, where students find what is important to them and their community; Define, where students brainstorm and explore what they want to build; Ideate, where the idea is sketched and students find the right scope and materials given their constraints; in Build, the project becomes a reality from prototype to finished work; Revise is where the student rehearses with their class and discovers problems both physical and with the story; and finally Share, when they have a big fashion runway and gallery that serves both to show the community and to motivate the students to work, knowing that the project will be seen on a serious platform.

Now, go make it happen! We hope you share this video with the educators and parents in your community to inspire kids who become future creative changemakers.

Bringing Community Together is Key to Make It Happen

Bringing Community Together is Key to Make It Happen

James and Carrie from SteamHead are grassroots organizers who have spent years building this event for their community with Shenzhen American International School (SAIS). Even if you're not in Shenzhen, listen to their story and learn about how you might be able to bring your own community together.

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