Make It Happen: Beading Workshop with Quyen

Cultivative teamed up with Quyen Lam, a SF Bay Area craftsperson, to inspire our creative community to make beaded jewelry with a free instructional video.

We called this video “Make It Happen” because we’re hoping to recruit other artists and makers into a series of videos on a variety of crafts, styles, and projects to share with you. Let us know if you’d like to get involved!

Quyen’s workshop teaches how to make a particular pair of flowery beaded earrings. She thought this would be a great balance between not being too challenging for a dedicated beginner, while making an end result that is desirable and more interesting than just learning the basics. If you see it through, you’ll not only have a beautiful product of your own, but also the skills to take on to a new project where your creativity can run wild.

We hope you enjoy learning along with Quyen as much as we did!