Lima’s Children Unite to Give our Ocean a Voice

Colegio Villa Per Se was packed with people on Saturday for our free community mural workshop. More than 125 children and residents picked up a paint brush and helped to bring a stunning new mural to life. The public art project is orchestrated by Villa Per Se, Camp D&D and Cultivative to bring more art into the Villa el Salvador neighborhood. Villa Per Se provided the wall, while Cultivative purchased paint and plenty of brushes. Camp D&D organized community activities like a beach cleaning and an educational workshop with the WWF around the mural project.

Lima Mural

San Francisco-based street artist Entropy did the design for the large scale mural, which depicts the most favorite ocean animals from the Villa Per Se students, as well as sacred geometry mandalas which symbolize the five elements. School children and volunteer artists from all over the city will be working hard over the next three weeks and will include their environmental messages in the mural. “We have to paint fast and move on to another section, so that as many people as possible can participate in the project.”, said lead artist Entropy, “The idea is to give the ocean a voice and use the power of creativity to spread the word about recycling, and how to keep the beach clean.”

Playa Venecia Mural

Not only corporations are dumping trash in the ocean, also people who just go to the beach and leave their trash are responsible for the pollution of our oceans and that our water is being poisoned. The main problem is plastic, because it takes a very long time to break down in the environment, and often makes its way into the ocean, where it poses a hazard to sea life. Animals eat the plastic, get ill and die, or get caught in it and become disabled. All of us who live on the coast have an obligation to preserve and protect our beaches. It is a shared responsibility between the City of Lima, the costal district communities and all the visitors of Playa Venecia to keep the beach clean.