Bringing Community Together is Key to Make It Happen

James and Carrie from SteamHead are grassroots organizers who have spent years building this event for their community with Shenzhen American International School (SAIS). Even if you're not in Shenzhen, listen to their story and learn about how you might be able to bring your own community together. Carrie works for SAIS, and she saw In her education community that "everyone wanted the same thing but weren't really talking with each other." When she brought all those educators together, everyone benefited.

SteamHead is not a large foundation nor does it have big funding from angel supporters or grants. They spoke to the people in their community, heard what was needed, and brought people together for the support of everyone. In turn, the community is able to support each other and learn how to solve the challenges they face. This will be the first year the event is hosted at the Design Society museum in Shenzhen.