A Mountain to Climb - A Mural to Paint

Mount Diablo is a great source of pride in Contra Costa County. Its beauty is an inspiration to many people, like to John Muir, who worked, raised a family and wrote in his home in Martinez, California. He once said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”


In that spirit, our journey begins with an approach. To walk toward a mountain is to be slowly reminded of our proper scale. Our lives and immediate surroundings feel large in daily life, and a mountain’s peak can seem a small feature on a distant horizon. But the closer we get, the mountain’s grand scale becomes the landscape, and from the foot we see that our personal world could be lost in one of its many crags. This intimidating mix of wonder and fear is awe at the scale and power of nature. But our approach has only just begun.

Humbled at the base of a mountain, we quickly gaze up to its peak and see the real mountain is still far away, that we haven’t yet gone to the mountain; we’ve only arrived at the mountain’s doorstep. But we can hear the call of the mountain so clearly now, and it’s daring us to find it among the majesty of its peaks. We have become seekers.

Inspired by the mountain, we gladly accept the challenges that come with the journey. Our lungs are full of the mountain’s spirit. We climb its many steppes and slopes, never giving up. We take breaks and take care of each other on the way. Each ridge crossed brings obstacles, possibilities, lessons, victories, and joys.

So close, the peak speaks clearly to us and promises freedom with each step toward a higher consciousness. Finally at the top, a state of inner balance enables us to remain calm and centered in the midst of all the turmoil of life. We are connected now, and the imposing scale of the mountain is supporting us rather than intimidating us. Suddenly all our problems feel small and we see the proper perspective to sort out what is important in life.

The design was chosen by the Sheriff’s Office not just because Mount Diablo is depicted on the officers’ badges. It is also a symbol of each officer’s dedication, hard work and a commitment to the communities that they protect and serve every day. This represents constancy, permanence, and security – being like a mountain. It is an important reminder to the public trust, with which they have the authority to act and to which they have the duty to remain true.