Winner Announcement: Food Art Contest 2015

We are pleased to announce that Mei Reaume from Toronto, Canada is the winner of our Food Art Contest 2015. The judges chose her entry out of 57 Food Art creations received from participants from all over the world. Mei is a mother of a 3-year-old boy and works in the food industry. Her recipes go back to basics and fit the pace of society. With easy tutorials on her YouTube-channel she shows you how to create beautiful and healthy meals. Below is a video of her winning piece “Pickled Beets Bouquet” that she created for a Christmas family meal.

Making of Video "Pickled Beet Rose Bouquet"

Mei told us that one of her greatest passions is to use the most common ingredients to create healthy meals, especially reintroducing ingredients that are abundant but have been forgotten. She loves to go to local farmers markets and finds the freshest sources as inspiration for her family meals. For example she is making warm potato salad using fingerling potatoes or purple potatoes, instead of regular potatoes. Or using crab apples to reduce into a syrup for pancakes at the breakfast table. “Everyone can add a fabulous but simple twist in their cooking. It is all about nutrition, variety, and good flavor” she says, “That's what I call gourmet!”

We also want to congratulate all of the participants who entered. We received many outstanding Food Art dishes. Even though our contest is over, we hope you keep up your wonderful work. Visit our Facebook-Page and check out all the talent: