Can Making Food be Art?

The last couple of weeks our kitchen became an art studio. We transformed edibles into pieces of art. Now we want to inspire you to use food as your canvas!

Today we present two Food Artist who started creating artistic meals out of necessity. As parents they had to be creative to get their kids to eat breakfast and healthy snacks. Food Art turned out to be the ultimate way to spice up their meals and has become their career.

"Behind the scenes shooting for Naturel Living. (Latergram) #leesamantha"

Food Artist Lee Samantha from Malaysia surprises her two daughters with amazing meals. Using fresh and healthy ingredients she makes their morning meals a breakfast for champions. Each plate takes about an hour-and-a-half to create. Her adorable creations are mainly made of Japanese rice. For her it has become an artistic medium like clay that she shapes with cling wrap. To make the faces flesh colored she adds ketchup to the rice. Through cutting out Nori leaves she creates eyes, nose and mouth. Mayonnaise serves as glue and a toothpick helps to put everything in place. Being able to tell creative and unique stories with her Food Art as well as creating amazing portraits of famous people and super heroes she received International recognition. Today over 650k people enjoy following her Food Art on Instagram:
UK based Food Artist Mark Northeast started to encourage his daughter and son to eat healthy sandwiches creating funny faces, animals and cartoon characters. He posted his creations on Facebook and Twitter. Soon he gathered a loyal fan base that showed him the need of healthy food ideas for children. He founded the company “Funky Lunch” where he offers his unique party catering and creative food workshops for schools and festivals. His fun and cute sandwiches are made with multigrain and white toast bread. He uses vegetables, cheese, ham and sauces to create different colors and shapes. In his award winning book “Funky Party” he explained his food designs:
Lee Samantha and Mark have been interviewed and published by many television shows, newspapers and magazines. Both work with International brands turning ordinary food ingredients in artistic and healthy dishes. They want to inspire others to eat healthy food - show them how fun it can be and how great it can taste.