In April 2014 the organization relocated its headquarter to San Francisco, USA and a new non-profit corporation with the necessary 501(c)(3) tax except status was formed in California. To further support the global reach and character of its programs the new corporation was called "CULTIVATIVE" which can be associated better with the vision & mission that has been revised many times since the original organization was founded 6 years earlier.


In their annual meeting the members of the organization approved the motion presented by the board team to modify the organizing documents and organization structure to support global programs and project execution. This was the result of multiple projects that the organization has been completed in other countries based on cooperations with regional organizations in those countries.


Following its vision & mission to encourage people to explore their own creative potential the organization started to initiate new types of projects that primarily focussed on reaching new people and get them to try creating something. Moving forward the organization maintained a wider program mix including art contests and workshops.


Within the first year of operation the non-profit began to also initiate community mural projects in other parts of Germany. The supporting members by now were spread all across the country and showing the non-regional character of the organization and its programs.


In July 2008 the non-profit organization "Kultklecks e.V." was founded in Munich, Germany. The name "Kultklecks" was German and hints at the two terms of "Culture" and "Mark" to summarize the idea of encouraging people to create something and with that leave their mark in the future of our culture. The organization began to initiate regional community mural projects in and around Munich.